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Yes indeed snow has to be brushed off when it builds up and you are definitely getting lambasted with snow. I also remember it's 20.00 a month left on lease when you cancel. We had a problem with our dish mounted on tower and eventually had it moved to ground where it's much easier to handle the snow thing (no tower climbing) The better news is that you guys been getting all our normal snow in IL.
Actually we only have our living room TV on a DVR. (we also wanted the 5 tuner status) Now they shipped Genie receiver to us and it was a simple swap from our 24-DVR to the Genie. The problem I had was activating the Genie. I tried to do it online and could not get it done so I called DirecTV up and they walked me through it in 10 minutes. They told me they had some online glitches on their online end. Now there is no way I know of that will save your present recordings....
LMN, ID and TV Land are now in HD
Yes just call and ask for the upgrade on 1/13/13 got it for free just an added charge of 3.00 monthly. I had to go for another 2 year commitment contract. Which I think I probably could have got out of had I mentioned swapping to Dish. (worth a try)
Agree wholeheartedly, nothing ventured. nothing gained. They would prefer to keep the monthly pkg payments coming in rather than lose a good customer who has already proved their ability to pay on time.
Just ordered the trilogy from another Amazon's one day sale for 17.99.
Well rebkell Thank You, this morning I did check favorites list and it did not have the HD, but just now when I got this post in my email I checked it again and I now have HD on LMN and TV Land. AVS members help again.
Well my guide I checked yesterday and this morning a few minutes ago and no HD quality or HD insignia on TVLD and LMN. ID is listed as IDHD. This is curious and curiouser.
Well so far ID is only channel that is HD that I found. I checked DirecTV online and the TV Land is not listed as HD and there is no change in quality of picture.
Well we could be up that well know creek without a paddle, what else is new.
New Posts  All Forums: