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Joe,The Denon 4520Ci is officially out now, and the Official Thread is going fast.. Page 7 as of now.Not to put any pressure on you , but I'm really looking forward for your comparison. Have been an Onkyo fan for over a decade, but I really want to hear from you what Denon is putting on the tableCheers!
Checkout Denon's 4520CI as well.. It's already equipped with LFC and it's supposed to do the speaker switch as well.. It's "street" price tag should be right between the 5010 and the 3010. So, if you don't want to wait another year check it out.
Unusual question.... Hello there, I currently own a XQ 7.2 setup (well, kind of, as my XQ30's came pretty banged up--- Thanks for that A4L!!! ): -XQ40's Front -XQ30's Wides -XQ20's Surround -XQ50c Center -HTB2SE -Rythmik Audio F15HP And I've got the upgrade bug and looking to add a little more detail to my setup, so I first wanted to replace the XQ30's (which sound a little harsh for my taste) with another pair of XQ20's, but then I've read about the KEF LS50's and now...
Looking forward to that comparison, until that, I'll wait a little more for my next purchase.... What is gonna be??
Thanks Joe, I know that you're, like me, an Onkyo fan, and by any means don't want to bash them, just as I told you before, I have read a lot of issues over the past years right here on this forum.. So I'll just ask straight up, if you could choose between the Onkyo TX-NR5010 and the Denon 4520ci, not based on cost, but on reliability itself based on what both companies have shown so far, what would you choose?
Hello Joe,Always been a fan of your inputs on Onkyos, thanks for keeping us updated on all that there is to them, you have been really helpful, specially to people like me, that because of our location can't really audition all the gear that we purchase, you have always described the gear accurately and properly.. I want to ask for a special favor, can you please publish a picture of the TX-NR5010 on your setup? I want to know how does it look with other equipment at it's...
My bad.. I fell on the marketing product display.. Thanks for clearing that up
DigitalTrends video and data says that I'll put 150 watts per channel and on Denon's Uk website it says 190 watts per channel... Maybe the info on the video is not as accurate?
Well, as I've had some bad experiences in purchasing with non reputable sellers and I've invested several posts on complaining and bashing.... I think that is only fair to invest some time on doing the opposite here: Today I received my brand new F15HP SE and I just have to say 1 word about it: WOW! I'm not an expert or anything, just a sound "aficionado" that reads a lot of forums, sadly because of my location, I can't audition most of my sound purchases before pulling...
If I were you, at this point I'd seriously consider pulling the trigger on a pair of iQ30 before they ran out too. Just in case you couldn't find the iQ60c. They have a great price on Vann's Outlet and you can't go wrong with them.
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