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^^ FYI .... the sellers are users of the merchandise as well.
Doesn't matter how many subs you have ... 1,2,3, ... XT32 will still improve your bass quality.
If you're prepared to replace the unit, then go for it. You may also want to post your question on the European website AVForums.com.
^^ You may want to try resetting the microprocessor (p. 179 OM).
Audyssey LFC stands for "Low Frequency Containment" and works regardless of whether a dedicated sub is being used or not.
^^ Outlandish? Hardly. Audyssey LFC has been proven to work quite effectively by a number of posters to include myself and in fact would be quite beneficial in an apartment just as the Audyssey literature suggests..
^^ The 2112CI doesn't have a PHONO input so the button on the remote will not work. You would either need to use a TT with a built-in pre-amp or connect first to a 3rd party phono pre-amp and then connect to any analog input on the 2112CI. You would then select whatever source name you plug the TT in to on the remote.
Same DD PLII surround mode can be applied to any stereo source. Simply press/hold the MUSIC button on the remote and the available surround modes will appear.
^^ To clarify ... news likely within the next month ...actual release later this summer.
^^ This is possible with the newer 2013 D&M networking models, however, with the 8801 the other option is to assign the optical input to the same source name as the HDMI video source and then set the INPUT MODE to "Digital".
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