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The TV can likely only accept a stereo signal. Set the PS3 to stereo only and it should work.
Sorry, no. Rather just call one of the shops listed as other than "Self Service". http://usa.denon.com/US/Support/Pages/ServiceCenterSearch.aspx
Denon, Marantz, and Yamaha are fairly reliable ... Onkyo not so much based on HDMI board failure rates.
X4000 vs 3313CI: Network diagnostics; Input Assign (analog audio inputs); Expandable to 9CH w/external 2CH amp; MultEQ XT32, Sub EQ HT (dual sub level/delay calibration); 11.2 main zone pre-outs; Audyssey LFC, DTS Neo:X (9.2); Audyssey DSX (9.2); HDMI Video Select (USB, Tuner, Network + CD + Phono); InstaPreview (HDMI – 2D); Zone 2 HDMI Audio (Through/PCM – PCM 2.0 to Zone 2 speaker posts/pre-outs); Optical/Coax digital PCM 2.0  Zones 2/3; All Zone Stereo (Zones 2/3); 2nd...
The DTS3600 is only 110W from Denon's website and the difference in max volume between the 1403 and your DTS would be only about 3db. What makes you think it's not as powerfu as you can't just compare the volume scales on each device as they are different, rather you would need a SPL meter.
First determine your max budget, then what features/inputs/outputs you want. The newer Denon X4000 features the more advanced version of Audyssey MultEQ XT32 vs just XT on the 3313CI.
A public release is generally made by Denon each year April/May timeframe.
Let Audyssey do the job. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1412965/marantz-av7701-prepro-official-owners-thread/0_100
It will play what it's receiving from the source using the last selected surround mode for that particular audio source.
Note that the factory warranty will only be valid on USA units in the USA so any warranty repair work required would have to be done in the USA. Also there may be a power difference as well.
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