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Either use a Redmere cable from Monoprice or purchase a Monoprice HDMI extender.If the Denon Link 4 cable is connected from the BDP to the AVR and the proper DIgital setting is made as noted below, the DLINK light should appear on the front panel display.
Any set of analog inputs on the 3200 should work. Don't forget to power on Zone 3 and also note that HDMI audio from an independent source will not pass to Zone 3, rather only Zone 2. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1465528/the-official-2013-denon-e-series-x-series-avr-model-owners-thread-faq/0_100#post_23134210
On the X1000 (as is the case with the vast majority of AVRs on the market today) only analog connected sources and network sources will pass to Zone 2 (although USB should also pass to Zone 2 as well). You would have to upgrade to the X3000 to get HDMI audio to Zone 2 unless using the "All Zone Stereo" setting which will play the same source playing in the main zone to Zone 2 as well regardless of whether HDMI or not.
The original 5 speakers will always use the Audyssey EQ unless you manually disengage Audyssey. What you likely read was that if you have 9 speakers connected and have run Audyssey on all 9 speakers, then if you decide to use the extra 4 speakers for Zone 2 and Zone 3, the EQ will no longer be applied to those 4 speakers, rather only the original 5.
Sorry, but no it cannot. The last model to have this feature was the 4311CI released in 2010.
This is resolved if the source also has stereo analog outputs. Note the 4520CI also has a Zone 4 (HDMI) monitor out so no conflict with the Zone 2 pre-outs/speaker posts as would be the case on the X4000. Also the "All Zone Stereo" surround mode is still available which can pass the same HDMI stereo source playing in the main zone to Zones 2/3 as well.
The SR7008 has 9CH of amplification. If you set AMP ASSIGN to "9.1" then Audyssey will EQ up to 9 speakers and sub setup in the main zone. If however, you set AMP ASSIGN to "5.1 + Zone 2/3" it will only EQ the 5 speakers/sub in the main zone even with the outdoor speakers connected to the Surr Back speaker posts as Zone 2. You can then play an independent stereo source to these Zone 2 speakers or an on board source (eg. Pandora).
You can't run a "partial" Audyssey ... rather it must complete for the speakers/sub that are present.
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