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Powering on the devices in a specific order can often resolve HDMI handshake issues.
Not to mention the full 3 year warranty. Only a couple of more weeks at reduced MSRP .....
2012 - NR1603 2013 - NR1604
Usually indicative of a bad HDMI cable. Try replacing the cable from the AVR to the TV or swapping to another input on the TV.
On the Denon E400 you could control the volume to both sets of speakers together, however, if you instead connect a multi zone impedance matching speaker selector like the one linked below, you could individually control the volume to each set of speakers. http://www.outdoorspeakerdepot.com/vsduso4pasps.html
The SURR BACK speaker posts on most 7.1 AVRs must be set to Zone 2 in order to pass audio to them from an independent source using independent volume from the source played in the main zone. No downside using analog as it's only stereo audio.
Sorry, but no, other than trying Netflix from a different source, although your issue is not likely related to the most recent issue which only involved distortion from the center speaker.Huh? That thread was started on 9/30/13 and the firmware update was just released last month which does indeed resolve the issue discussed in that thread.
Actually .. there are quite a few wireless routers < $50 that can be set to "bridge" mode to resolve the lack of on board wireless capability. Suggest you review my post below on Connecting to a home network. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1465528/the-official-2013-denon-e-series-x-series-avr-model-owners-thread-faq/0_100#user_G2
^^ As noted in post #6 of this thread, the 1913 has already received the Netflix DD+ firmware update.
The AVR can pass one HDMI source through while the unit is in Standby. The default HDMI Standby Source is "CBL/SAT" however, this can be changed to one of the other HDMI inputs as well (eg. Blu Ray) while the unit is on and then when the unit is in Standby it will pass the Blu Ray source.
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