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If you're looking for an issue free platform, stay away from X1. But as Jazzyguyy just stated, X1 has been fixed for the most part. I do get the occasional audio dropout (they need to fix this), but after a couple of month of problems after my installation I am almost totally happy and I wouldn't go back to the old boxes.
+1 For enthusiast we get enjoyment out of setting up and tweaking our systems. The average consumer is simply overwhelmed. As for me, my 7.1 paradigm monitor setup is enough. If my pockets were deeper, I'd probably jump to the studios and maybe presence speakers. I like this topic. We could argue/discuss this subject forever.
I didn't make the switch, I just called back and got a different customer support person on the line. Finally got someone to agree to leave things the same. No step up, but ALS no step down. Unfortunately Fios is not in my area and a dish is a no go because of trees so I'm forced to play the game.
Don't blame you, but did you try calling back and talking to a different person. I know it's ridiculous, but you have to play the game, or just leave like you are doing.
I agree. Given up trying to record 60 minutes.
Contact paradigm and order the parts. I had to order wall mounts for my ADP-390's. Only took about a week if I remember correctly.(905) 564-1994,(905) 696-2845
You might be able to with the monitor line depending on how big your room is and how loud you like your music/movies. There is also the cinema series as and option. One more option would be used paradigms from audiogon or US Audiomart.
ThThanks for the links.
Kamikaze13 that is what I read and decided to try it out. I'll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks. If I don't like it or don't see some improvement I can always switch it back. This can be a very complex hobby if you want it to be.
I'm using a PDR 100 for a sub. Not really having any issues, just tinkering a bit and maybe doing too much reading. Read that since the fronts are full range I could change the crossover and let the fronts do a little more of the bass handling. The article I read stated that a sub it meant to handle the really deep sound I thought I would see what results I would get. I'm strictly going on what I hear, no SPL or anything like that. I guess when you read about room...
New Posts  All Forums: