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Ok, I managed to get tRAID working. Uninstalled and reinstalled the host package on the server and now the pool seems to start OK. Final question - How does the system handle writing large files to the pool? If I have a 15GB file for example, does it find a drive with 15GB of free space or does it break it up and spread it across drives? In other words, do I need a physical disk with at least 15GB to save the file, or would two drives with 10GB free space work? I'm...
Alright, thanks for your input!
I seem to be the only one on the FlexRAID forum who is having this particular error message. (but their search system is a bit fiddly) Yes, all the drives are visible in Windows prior to adding them to the RAID. They're all connected directly to the motherboard (no RAID card). Windows Server 2008R2. There's no problem with FlexRAID building up the array and calculating the PPU.
Any suggestions? I tried again last night starting from scratch and I'm still getting the same error.
I'm running the trial of tRAID on my server. I've created a RAID configuration, added disks to it and let it calculate parity. When I hit "Start" I get a message in the lower right corner of the web config screen saying "Operation success" followed a few seconds later by this: [Create New Storage Pool] ErrorCode=31 Message=Mount error! Code=588 Message=A volume has been accessed for which a file system driver is required that has not yet been loaded. I posted up on...
As a tech who has disassembled and reassembled hundreds of laptops and has used everything from cans of compressed gas, compressed air and vacuum cleaners, I disagree.There's an intake and exhaust for the air - usually air is drawn in via the fan from the bottom of the laptop and exhausted out the sides or back.
Regular maintenance of the cooling system in a laptop is important. I've found that the compressed gas dusters don't have enough flow to properly clean out the air ducts, heatsink fins and fan. You need to step up to a small compressor and tank with a blowgun to properly clear it out. It's possible that the test that was run on the CPU wasn't compatible.
Thanks.I think I'll use the card for now and buy Flexraid tRAID instead of an HBA card. The chance that the card will crap out is pretty low, and if it does I'll just replace like for like and have access to the drives.I wasn't aware of the HBA limitation when I bought the thing EDIT:Ok, this is weird. I've pulled the Adaptec card and connected the drives directly to the mainboard's SATA ports. I see everything on the drives that I put there when they were connected to...
Running into an issue here. I have an Adaptec 1430SA 4 port SATA RAID card. I initially bought it for 1) the 4 SATA ports and 2) RAID mirror for my data drive. I've moved all the data from the data mirror to another drive. I've removed the data drives from the RAID mirror. I want the drives that I connect to the 1430SA card to be readable outside the system in the event of a card failure. But once the drives are set up on the 1430SA, they can't be read outside the...
So the $59 combo sounds like the one then if I want RAID-FAm I correct that snapshot is basically just delaying the parity calculations until a scheduled time vs on the fly as soon as data changes?
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