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Thanks, but as I noted, I've been through each of the steps recommended in that troubleshooting guide. My problem is I can't access the router to turn off the IGMP proxy. Any help with figuring out how to do that would be great. Called Verizon and they were no help at all.
I can't get Airplay to work on my AVR-1913 to save my life. My network is setup, and I know I'm connected because I can stream Pandora or internet radio with no problem. However, when I try to use Airplay, no icon. I followed all the suggestions on the Official AVR-XX13 thread (turn off, reset, cycle various different things On/Off, etc.). Nothing works. When I reset, the Airplay icon appears. When I click it, the Denon shows up, but as soon as I try to play any...
Ended up with the SM350s. They sound great! Absolutely no regrets.
I have an AVR-1913, an XBOX, a Blu-Ray player, a Verizon Fios box and a Panasonic 42PZ700u plasma. I'm trying to get this all set up with a pair of Turtle Beach XF-4 wireless headphones for gaming or movie watching late at night. Right now, the XBOX, the Blu-Ray, and the Fios box are all connected to the AVR-1913 HDMI inputs. The Panasonic plasma is connected to the AVR-1913 HDMI output. The XF-4 basestation has an optical input, an optical output, and RCA (left/right)...
Just got a refurbished Denon AVR-1913 from A4less. Great price, fast shipping, and the AVR arrived in great condition. Works like a charm. I was a bit anxious about buying refurbished, too, but it's worked out for me. Good luck!
Thanks for the helpful responses to my questions here (and your considerate PM butie120). In the end, was going to go with the Infinity's, but I snagged a deal on a pair of open box Definitive Technologies SM350s for $108 and pulled the trigger on those instead. Thanks again for the help, though. Much appreciated.
Update: With all the help here, I narrowed my options down to the DefTech SM350s, the HTD Level 2s, and the Infinity Primus p163s. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to listen to any of them, so I had to go by reviews and price. Reviews (users and media) for all these speakers were laudatory, so it really came down to price. At $59 per speaker for the Infinity's I almost went with them, but then I saw that with shipping, they'd end up at ~$155 for a pair. The HTD...
How do you like the Polk RTi4's? I'm about to pull the trigger (I think) on a pair of budget bookshelf speakers to be used for music but without a sub. Deciding between the RTi4's and the Infinity Primus 163's. Can get the RTi4's from Frys for $149.50 shipped. Can get the Infinity Primus 163's for $154.98 shipped. Would love to hear your reaction to your RTi4's. Thanks!
Thanks for the offer. I heard good things about the RtiA3's, but I don't think I have room for them. They're going in a pretty small room and will probably be on a book shelf or dresser, next to a wall. From what I hear, that's not an ideal set-up for the RtiA3's.
I'm looking for a cheap but decent set of speakers to pair with a vintage Kenwood Model 11GX receiver from the late 1970s (125 WPC). This simple 2.0 set up will be for my 9 year old, who's interested in music and technology (even vintage tech), but isn't an audiophile by any means yet. Any thoughts on whether these Polk Monitor 45B speakers from Newegg would do the trick? At $199 for the pair, the price is right, but I haven't been able to find any reviews, and I won't...
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