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I saw in the Sunday paper that ATT is launching the U-Verse service in the Bham area to compete with the dish and cable. If anyone gets this service, I 'd be interested to read your thoughts on the quality of the HD picture compared to Dish or D*, especially on a larger TV. Thanks, Tom H.
I'm currently using R59 throughout my house. I have had no problem so far getting all of the new HD channels. I'd give it a try before ripping a hole in the wall. Just my opinion. Tom
I haven't seen this posted yet. Looks like Charter will be getting the Sinclair HD locals here in B'ham. http://www.tvpredictions.com/chartersinclair041307.htm Tom
I finally got the HR20 MPEG 4 HD DVR installed on Saturday. Everything looks good with the excetption of the HD locals. They look horrible compared to the OTA equivalent. Are any others experiencing the same or do I have a problem with my setup? Thanks in advance for the help. Tom
I just ordered it. So, I'll let you know what I think when it comes in. I just called customer service, told her that I had the HD Tivo, and would like an upgrade to the MPEG 4 HDDVR so that I can get my locals in HD. She checked to see if the previously described deal was available in Bham, and it was. No problems. Tom
This may have already been posted, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I was able to get the MPEG 4 HD DVR and new dish for $99 and a new 2-yr commit through D*. I was able to keep my HD TIVO. The new DVR is under the lease program, but my bill will not change. This upgrade is available in certain areas, and Bham is one of them. Hope this helps others. Tom
Quote: Originally Posted by d4rkl1nk so there basically isnt any diff from buyin a hdtv capable and a hdtv since u will have to buy the box from ur cable company anyways? The only difference lies in the ability to pick up local HD channels over the antenna , which most cable boxes can't do. You may want to research what local channels your cable company offers. If they don't offer all that are available over the air (OTA), the ability to pickup...
The built in tuner is for over the air reception (antenna). You'll likely still have to get a HD cable box to recieve all of the HD offerings from the cable company.
Bearmur: I've recently been getting a Dolby Digital signal from ABC during the HD programs, but only the 2 front channels are active. Are changes on the way to get the 5.1 audio working? Thanks, Tom
Quote: Originally Posted by Willie Ah,actually no. Compression artifacts come from compression. The signal is not compressed when it is redistributed through a video distribution system. Willie Our local CC is introducing what appears to be compression artifacts into their video distribution system. If it's something else, I'ld like to understand what it is. Our local HD football games, which are obtained over the air, look terrible...
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