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Thanks.. I'll just go pick up another sling box and hook up to the receiver in my home office
So the competing products from Vulkano, Belkin, Hava, etc.. all also only allow one connection at a time?
I have that, but now that my wife is using it as well we find that we both want to use it to often, or it could be that are breaks just happen to fall at the same time. Only one of us can be connected at a time so I was hoping to find a competing product with dual tuners possibly but that may be asking to much.. I was just curious if anyone knew a definitive answer..
Hey all, I have a slingbox and it is simple and easy but it became to simple and easy and my wife routinely connects to it now. Is there a product on the market that would allow to users to connect to the same device and watch two different live channels or am I wanting to much?
Does anyone have a quick cheat sheet for the EQ and Picture settings for the Kenwood DDX896 dual din dvd player. I just got one installed in my car and do not know much about any of the settings. I would appreciate the expert advice from anyone! For the EQ settings I'd be mostly interested in the settings to make movies sound crisp as opposed to to much bass or treble. For the Picture settings, the screens brightness was maxed out by default. I have reduced that but I...
Hey all, I am looking for a newer double din DVD player to replace an alpine unit ive had for about 5 years I think. I'm looking for the following features: Supports a center channel speaker Bluetooth calls Play music from portable device through Bluetooth Satellite radio Ability to connect to screens in head rests Hopefully able to connect an iPhone via cable Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hello all, I am looking for an easy way to move shows from my u-verse dvr to my iPhone. I have a laptop running Windows 7 and a mac mini and am open to using either platform. Any suggestions or how-to's?
Hey All, Does anyone have a list of dual din dvd decks that support center channels? I had a Jensen deck for awhile that had a lot of features including center channel.. I replaced it with an Alpine a couple years ago that did not support a center channel. Now its time to replace the Alpine with something new. Id like to use the center channel again. Any recommendations?
Thank you very much!
Can anyone using this answer a question please.. I cant find anywhere online that discusses a specific feature.. Does this have an alarm clock and if so can it be set to use Sirius radio to wake you up?
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