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hopefully it's XYZ from day1
lulz thx. we did actually do a trial it was pretty nifty . i'm sure that's how a lot of folks do it nowadays.
i know, i didn't. i just started writing it once on a whim and it bypassed the prompt... sadly it was still unable to makea successful burn .
lastbutnot least, i think you just resolved my issue!! i just inserted a BDR DL 50GB write once and press burn and it's proceeding! i hope i dont get a coaster! this is on a new burner i just got. my previous 2 or 3 BD burners are crapping out or churning out coasters sadness. edit: i spoke too soon! another coaster down the tube
that's interesting lastbutnotleast, i will try that. but why does it still prompt with a BD-R dual layer 50GB? that's write once and totally clear. i've burneed through 5 or 6 coasters that way so sad and expensive....bryan that would an interesting poll to take =P i'm going to take a guess that it's 50/50 in the avs community
thanks for the recommend. i just side loaded 2.0.53 and it crashes on everything MKV. for the kindle, BSPlayer will play most things but moliplayer will play/transcode most MKVs. so between the two i should good. sadly IOS does not have good media player app support
i know... but i like the physical disc, put it in to watch a single movie type a guy =P. surely this is the forum where people like me are appreciated aaanyways... just shocking the BD standard is so different vs. a DVD book types.
yeah i know the alternatives (which is also a lot of time and $ spent on HDD) and time/energy it takes to maintain it. i do IT full time, so i know what it entails ... but in this specific case i want to play region B Blu-Ray without buying a region free player (even cheap ones). it's easier to just plop in a region free Touch of Evil vs. getting a dedicated region free player or use my HTPCs to play it back. the region A release will not include the same cuts as the UK...
my point is shouldnt pressing plants be filling into the same 1gallon buckets that we can buy anywhere? i guess thats my point. i dont thjnk i encountered this w/a full dvd9 yet. when studios encode and press dvd9 they adhere to same capacity constraints end users have when end users burn a home video dvd9. i'm shocked to find out that bd pressed standards can hold more than end user blank bdre and bdr write once...
so basically its impossible to do a 1 to 1 burn? yes i've looked at the rebuilder... i havent dealt w/ avisynth in a long time.
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