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I actually enjoyed this as much as the first. Thanks for the review. Good to know the quality of bluray is pretty good. Already pre- ordered it.
Since you like story based game, max payne 3 is really great. Its by rockstar. It has a very gritty story and characters with third person shooting in super gorgeous slow motion bullet time in all its glory. I haven't even finished the game myself due to time constraint but so far it has been really cool. Another game i would recommend is heavy rain. Easily the most innovative game to have come out in the last 10 years. Its a decision based thriller where the outcome of...
I was disappointed with this movie...although i knew this movie had a deeper meaning by drawing parallels with a capitalistic economy (?) i simply didnt care enough to decipher it. 2 things that i would say about it, one is if you want to make a clever movie atleast make it entertaining. Secondly this movie just tries too hard to be clever, almost feels pretentious
Ps4 can output 4k .... Confirmed by sony. But no games are currently being developed in that resolution http://www.engadget.com/2013/02/21/playstation-4-4ktv/
Samsung or lg Price range 500-800 Size 40 or 46 3d not important Best 2d picture with extra features
never mind..mine has shipped yesterday. for some odd reason fedex is not listing my estimated delivery day. oh well at least its on its way.
Yes. Michigan
My order changed status from processing to complete. Wonder when they r shipping it
its up for pre-order. Ordered it already.
hope i am not too late. but i would go with the hx929. HX820 is a great tv by itself...but still it's the SECOND best sony has to offer after hx929. 929 one has best picture quality in the market for its price range and it easily rivals other tvs that are twice the price.
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