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id love to address it all but the leader of the attacks against me wont allow me on his forums to speak my peace, i get banned every time I try this particular issue with James Blair and the lens for parts trade has 2 sides to the story, my side? the freakin idiot sent me a cooked EHT and Quad, I never even sent them back to him, which was admittedly wrong I am still in business BTW, how long do you think I would be with all these cries of scamming on people left and right
Curt oh Curt, still got the hots for me huh? we all know that post was about me, if I were you sir Id be careful about allowing any nut to come along and say whatever they want about me and take it as gospel, could be a big nasty stink started over such things
3 year old Draper Cineperm 2.40:1 cinemascope/constant height projection screen with M1300 fabric, screen was hung in a dedicated HT and has been removed and stored in the original box with all of the original packaging materials since being taken down a couple months back, screen has a rough viewing area of 37x88 inches, $600 screen when new, perfect condition fabric same as new, outer frame and snaps all good condition...paypal only for payment so buyer and seller are...
Oppo 93 + radiance mini + moome hdmi card and the htpc is tore all to **** plays everything but hd-dvd and you can convert those to mkv or m2ts and play them on the Oppo via hard drive, network or burn on bd disc -Gary
exactly and has tons more natural resolution and sharpness -Gary
man that brings back memories of the good old days on these forums -Gary
i'd do 1920x800p for even 2.40:1, 2.35:1 comes out to a fraction, not exactly 816p Alan, i'd get a mini Radiance though LOL -Gary
that vista series is a hack job mess, the true directors cut was supposed to have a scene showing Beckinsales beautiful bottom LOL, this was another studio phony directors cut, like black hawk down etc. -Gary
spy game hd-dvd was shite, horrible typical universal master -Gary
did the ringing cause you convergence issues on that side as well? I have red convergence problems there and like I said the ringing is reddish in color on my 1209s thanks for this BTW, i'll be putting in a new quad/eht soon and will take care of this(check it) -Gary
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