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Installed 1112, unplugged TV for a few minutes, and still have brightness pops all over 3D content. It's easy to miss if you aren't looking for it (i.e. looking at backgrounds as opposed to focus element). I was hopeful when some of you said they were gone for you. The only way they disappear for me is killing the contrast or enabling Cinema Smooth. If you are still experiencing this problem I ask that you please stay on Samsung about it. Only through a higher ratio of...
I had a set with pink vertical band and could see it in content on white screens (ads, some snow etc). I replaced the set with the dealer and have one with extremely good screen uniformity now.
The problem is that Cinema Smooth in 3D often causes flickering in skies and other bright objects. It also meas you can't use smoothing which can be particularly effective in 3D. Samsung told me they reproduced the problem and would fix it shortly - but it's been ages an they are dragging their feet. Too much longer and they'll be deep into the next model and will be reluctant to do a damn thing to this set.I hope very much that each and every owner is calling Samsung and...
I would agree with Pie. Faces look better than with stock Warm2 which is slightly too red-ish to me.
I will say that I prefer Warm 1 - until I plug in Pie's White Balance and Color Space settings. You can see on a still image when toggling Color Space between "Auto" and "Custom" (with Pie's settings) that some of the "red" stuff in people's faces, etc is tamed, in a way to look slightly more like Warm 1. So I find it a nice balance and, thus far, the best my TV looks until I get a pro calibration at some point on this set.(thanks Pie)
I think you can actually enable both - at least the TVs UI suggests you can. I can enable Game Mode as well as changing the input name to PC.
MJC is essential for 3D IMO. It makes it much more realistic and fluid/easy to watch. Anything animated I like MJC and I also use it for reality type TV shows like Survivor. Not crazy about it on network sitcoms and some movies from DirecTV. I mostly use Standard but sometimes Smooth in 3D. I've asked Samsung about adding more granularity like their LCD sets have.
Samsung source says 1104 was not intended to fix the 3D brightness pops and the fix for that is still forthcoming. Whew...that's a relief.
Wow this is all really bizarre. Can any of you that DID get the "optimizing" message check if 3D brightness pops are gone or not? That was the message we all got when the 2D pops were fixed. I didn't get the message this time and no pops fixed. So maybe the updater has a bug, etc. If someone that DID get the message can verify pops that would be interesting.
Hmm ....mine didn't say "optimizing etc". It only did that after the 1103 FW, but not after 1104. Bizarre. Haven' heard back yet from Samsung.
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