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With M10.R.0615 firmware I can not play DIVX files. I thought Sony fixed this. I am able to play DIVX files on my SMP-N100.
I am able to stream mkv files using "Serviio" ( http://www.serviio.org/ ). I haven't tried all the files I have but all files I have downloaded recently played fine via streaming.
Just tried it and had no problems viewing internet content. Maybe you have a bad unit or network issues.
Nice to know that I am not the only one with problems. It does not seem to bea tuner problem because it happens on my Sony TV, digital converterbox and Dish 722k receiver. Wonder what the problems is?
New firmware available. 06/23/2011 M05.R.084 The SMP-N100 Network Media player firmware version M05.R.084 is available and provides the following benefits: Improvements over firmware version M05.R.071: Updates BRAVIA® Internet Video to be compatible with YouTube® online service changes. Adds the capability to play 1080/60p video files produced by Sony® cameras. Improves external subtitles when viewing videos in DivX® format. Improves HDMI®...
Anybody else in West San Jose (95129) having problems with KNTV 11? I am getting signal loss, image breakup etc for the last few days. I never had any problems with KNTV before. Thanks
WinFF is just a UI front end to ffmpeg which takes a ton of arguments. It is just a matter of finding the right one. I know 1080p would not be a problem. DTS I do not know. You can probably use google to find the answer.
Don't know, but anytime I have a video that are unplayable I used WinFF to convert it to xvid which SMP-N100 plays just fine.
I did register with Sony. You can try this link "https://internet.sony.tv/customer"
I am able to watch, did you activate your device by going to the menu "Network" ->"Active Enhanced Features"?
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