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Interesting. Did you call out the tech before you fixed the firmware? I'm just wondering what you said to have LG come out and replace the mainboard. Did the tech replace it on the first call or did he have to come out multiple times? I'm tempted to have them come, but I don't know if there is any actual difference between the old mainboard and the new one, except that the new one already has firmware version 3.26 on it.
Congrats! Do you know what firmware version the new mainboard is running?
I just updated my firmware to 3.26 using the download link provided by nony and everything went smoothly. I followed the instructions included in the zip file, which were generally pretty easy to follow, and now I don't have to re-turn off Trumotion every time I turn on the TV! What a relief. A big thanks to nony for providing the firmware and dsrl for being the first success story!
Thanks nony. So, is there a way for us to update the firmware on the LH85 ourselves using the 3.26 firmware? Previously you had mentioned that the RELEASE.cfg file was unique to each model. Is this still the case? dsrl, good luck and please do let me know what firmware version they put on. I only got 3.21 (and only on the media box, because the tech didn't put it on the tv - I wasn't home to double check). It maybe helped my lip sync problem, which was very slight...
dsrl, See this post for the firmware instructions. As far as I know, Trumotion is always on when you turn the TV on, regardless of what the menu actually says. I just simply turn it off again manually every time I turn the TV on. Most of the time it is relatively easy to see the effect, especially during TV shows with panning. This isn't much of a description of the effect but hopefully it helps somewhat. There is a firmware update for a similar TV, the 55LHX, that...
Also, what firmware are you running?
sounds like they are doing what they can to resolve the problem. keep us posted if you do get a new board as to what the firmware version is.
Good luck with the panel replacement. I haven't noticed any DSE with my panel. I had a tech come out and update my firmware (from 3.17 to 3.21), but he only updated the media box, not the tv itself! I haven't decided whether or not to call him back out, since the lip sync issue is nearly undetectable anyway, I was just trying to see what the latest firmware is. The Trumotion problem is still there, I will try asking support about this next. But, 3.21 seems to be the...
Thanks! I grabbed one and am looking forward to getting into it.
Since these issues (Trumotion and speaker bug) have clearly been fixed on some sets by firmware updates for the 55LHX, unless there is something fundamentally different about the underlying hardware for our LH85 sets, I don't think it is a hardware issue. There is at least one person on the 55LHX thread that had a whole new board installed in order to install the firmware update, so I suppose there is a minute possibility that some older sets might have different boards...
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