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Anyone selling one of these for not a lot of money?
I'd like to buy one also, but would like to limit myself to 300. The Yamaha YHT 497 is available on eBay from Newegg for 305, and you can 8% back in eBay bucks! It's refurbished though. I'm very tempted. haha
Thank you for the replies. Ahh. Things came up, and it looks like I'll have to buy another pair of the same ones I already have.
Hello. I've been using the Sony MDR-V150 for a very long time, and I've loved the sound from those headphones. I'm not an audiophile as you can probably see from using cheap headphones. I'm on my 2nd pair, and they are broken now. I want to replace them with something else. Is there anything else that sounds a bit better to those? I'd only like to spend around 30 - 50. I'd prefer headphones that are similar to the Sony MDR-V150. I mostly listen to pop music in English and...
Ahh ok. Thank you very much! She did buy a used turntable.
Hello. My sister bought a record player, and the volume output is very low with regular computer speakers. I don't know anything about audio, and she doesn't either. She just wanted to play her vinyls, but she doesn't have any speakers for it. What should she buy? I don't think she wants to spend more than 200 for amp/speakers. What do you guys recommend?
Thank you very much for the reply. Wow those are good finds. :O Do you have these speakers?
Hello. I created a similar thread a while back, but thought I would post it again and focus on music. I've been thinking about buying a HTIB lately, but I'm looking to spend 300 at the most, which probably is not that good. I might be able to spend 600, but until around September or October. I don't really like watching movies, and would use the HTIB mostly for music games on the Xbox 360, watching music videos, and listening to music. What HTIB do you think would be good...
I'm not sure. My local Best Buy has it for 80 dollars, in fair condition. It says it has scratches, so I want to go to Best Buy to see how bad the condition is. I don't know if they have a warranty for opened boxed items. :O
Do you think 80 dollars is a good price for the Insignia?
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