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My Tivo started showing 5-5 TheTube and I was sooo happy! I thought it was making a comeback but there is nothing on there. I wonder why it showed up. :/
Was the last episode of MaƱana es para Siempre in HD?
Yeah, I would think Univision would complain if that channel is added anywhere in the US (Anywhere that's not near the border). I heard Univision is going HD until late this year or 2010. I want to watch Televisa's novelas in HD already. lol. I hope Sky goes HD soon too.
Wow! It would be so cool to have those channels in HD. If they had those in LA I would get TWC in a heart beat!! lol That's probably just for San Diego though, right?
Thank you! I'll start reading about about those cameras and watch some video samples.
Ok, this is probably asked here like a million times. I'm sorry. I really don't know what camcorder I should get. I will be going on a trip in 2 months. I wanted a high zoom camera with HD video but I decided to get a micro 4/3 camera and a separate HD camcorder. I know I probably won't get a really good camcorder since I only have around 150 - 250 to spend on a camcorder. Which one do you recommend? Which one has the best video quality?
Lean esto! :O Telemundo to begin broadcasting in high definition Spanish-language network Telemundo will begin broadcasting in high definition nationally this month. The Miami-based company said it is the first Spanish-language network to offer high-definition programming ``at the local and network levels.'' The first HD broadcast will be the 2009 Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 23. Telemundo plans to offer a new novela, Mas Sabe El Diablo, and all of its...
Here is a screen cap of Telemundo in HD
Ohh ok. Thanks for the info. I hope it's in July!
Is there an update on Sky Mexico HD? Isn't Intelsat 16 launching this year? I went to the Intelsat website and found this: What is 2H? Did they mean 2Q? lol
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