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i checked to see if i got any channels from tijuana and the only one i got was channel 21 which is azteca 7. i wasnt able to see it clearly but i was able to hear it good.
i used to get XEWT on my old tv in the summers but i dont get it anymore. they used to broadcast novelas from el canal de las estrellas. i wish i lived closer to the border so i can get channels from tijuana.
thanks for the reply! i remember one time i went to mexico and i saw directv over there. what happened with that? i havent seen it over there anymore.
hmmm no wonder i dont get it then! haha. i have another question. does anyone here get channels from san diego or tijuana mexico? in the summer's i used to get the analog channels from san diego and tijuana with an indoor antenna. sometimes they looked ok they never really looked that good but i was able to hear good and see it.
ive been looking around but cant find anything. i have a question. is there any free to air HD channels from mexico on any satellite?
i live in los angeles. my zip code is 90061. what antenna do i need to get KBEH-DT? i think this is the only channel i dont get and i wish I did because its mtv 3 and the mtv 3 quality on dish isnt that good.
is there an email for univision? i want to ask them when they will air novelas in HD. >:C
thank you! the screen caps look so clear!
i cant wait til univision shows their programming in HD. i would love to watch lola, palabra de mujer and al diablo in HD.
i wish i could watch it in HD! would it take a long time to upload the last part where candy runs away and takes off her dress? lol
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