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does anyone know if las tontas no van al cielo is in HD?
i cant wait til univision is in HD. i would love to watch RBD: La Familia and some novelas in HD.
i really want to try that! i dont know much about antennas though.. can u recommend one? i think there is a possibility i could get them if i got them before with just an indoor antenna and sometimes i get tijuana radio stations too! i get radio stations from san diego and tijuana on my ipod.. i really cant wait to watch the novelas in HD! i would LOVE that!
i wrote a VERY long post and i dont know what happened to it but i dont see it :| i wish i could get the mexican HD channels but i live in los angeles ok i was saying that i was looking for news on univision HD and i found a thread on MEXICAN HD!! for a long time i was researching about mexican HD but didnt find NOTHING! its funny how u find something when youre not looking for it... i always wondered how much HD there was in mexico and wanted to know what channels...
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