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It is my understanding that the IR port in the back is output only. Out of curiosity, why do you want that? You know the Kinect accepts IR signals...right?
They have already said that they will be making it a service. I too am a bit surprised they didn't do it this way from the start, but I am sure they have their reasons.I have had the server running on as little as a single core VM, and classic has always been snappy for me. It usually has a little stutter at the beginning where it will pause for a second or two, and then it seems fine after that. You should post on their forums over there. I am sure someone will help...
I installed it fine on Storage Server Essentials which is 95% the same as WHS 2011. I would be surprised if it didn't work on it. I suspect that MrZoid's issues are unrelated to the beta, but rather the DDoS attacks that steelman mentioned.
I don't think you can go overboard with memory. I have 24gb in my server, and I wish I had at least double that. Once you find a few uses for virtualization, you will keep finding more. Even if you don't need it initially, some day you will be glad that you have all that ram.
I would set it up the way tcs2tx suggested if you have the spare. You might as well, since you have no better use for the 4th nic. So 1 for wan, 2 for vm network, and 1 for management network. It is best practice to separate them, but that best practice was created with typical corporate loads in mind. And 9 times out of 10 or less you won't see any difference if you split them out in a typical home environment. As I said, I see no difference, but that's not to say...
In all due respect, is it really that big of a deal to use the UNC path? Yes it would be nice if both would work, but I just don't see the big deal.
I agree with the above. An SSD cache in this specific scenario is of no benefit.
Are you sure? My understanding is that this was related to Windows 8 in general and not just the RT version of that OS. I don't believe that server can even run on RT. At least I haven't seen an RT version of the server software.
No disagreement with the NICs, now that Bryan enlightened me on some of the inexpensive dual port NICs available. When I made my original post, it was with the thought of spending $150 on a dual port NIC from Newegg. There are some decent server pull options on eBay as well.I still question the benefit of dedicating a NIC to the management network in this scenario. It certainly doesn't hurt if you have a spare NIC to use, but it hardly seems like a requirement. I have...
Yes, that is what I am suggesting. Things change a bit if you plan to use iSCSI to connect to a NAS, or a DMZ that will connect to other physical devices. Otherwise, realistically 3 is all that is needed and someone could get away with as few as 2. In a home environment, 99% of the time you wouldn't notice the difference between 2 or 3 NICs. But for the cost of a $30 Intel pci-e NIC or the HP dual port NIC Bryan mentioned, it makes sense to go with 3 for the extra...
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