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I am still seeing breakups also, no improvement seen yet.
The ark was just the McGuffin.
We use closed captioning, that does help.
How about that super antibiotic they used?
I got the update the beginning of this week, noticed some changes, the best is being able to use closed captioning without turning it off, just chose the option in the menu. if you miss some dialog, just pause, go to the menu, turn it on, skip back to what you missed and there it is. Don't know if you can use an external drive to expand storage. Have to wait to see if any new or old bugs appear.
yes, that was Hal Linden, I checked the opening credits.
I don't know what the age thing is doing on this thread, but anyway in Dec. I hit 77.
It was not your imagination, it was much brighter and to me looked better.
The sound was lousy, for me the crowd noise was way too loud, had a hard time listening to the commentary. Very annoying. When I was repairing tvs in the early 60's or late 50's the cable system used an A/B switch on the back of the tv. A was mostly the broadcast stations and B the new cable stations. No extra box. The good old days!
In many cases the sindicated show looks much better on the cable channels, at least to my eyes.
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