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I went ahead and ordered the Definitive Technology SSA50 from bajawaverunner on eBay -- I will report back how the unit sounds once I get it set up. Now trying to decide on the receiver... leaning toward the Marantz NR1501, but not completely sold on it. Definitely pay a premium for the smaller size of the unit vs features.
David, i appreciate all of the advice. You mentioned bookshelf speaksers... I've had my eye on a pair of Sierra-Ones from Ascend Acoustics for over a year now. Hoping to get those for my living room setup in the not-too-distant future. Leaning heavily toward the 5.1 receiver + LCR speaker option for the bedroom. anything more is overkill... this is probably overkill, but at least i'll feel good about it! Thanks again! evan
Thanks for the help. Now it looks like I'm in the market for a small receiver! In looking at other posts, this seems to be a bit of a challenge. I appreciate the advice, and if there are any specific soundbar LCR speakers you recommend, I'm all ears. Thanks!
Hello, There are a number of similar threads out there, but I'm not entirely clear how to hook up a system consisting of a TV, AppleTV, amplifier, and soundbar. If a receiver was subbed in for the amplifier, I would be able to hook everything using HDMI. I haven't ruled out a receiver, but I wouldn't be using most of its features. Here's what I'm looking for: - Amplifier or Receiver + soundbar for about $1000 - Mostly listen to music, but will be used with TV as...
I'm not able to see anything to try to get into safe mode. I'm also not able to get my keyboard (wireless via usb) to connect to the computer.
I can't seem to change the resolution using the converter. Again, when I plug my laptop in, it works fine without adjusting anything. Is the problem that my laptop is pushing out a different resolution that what the HTPC is putting out and the HTPC resolution may be incompatible with my TV?
Thanks for your continued help... I have narrowed down that the card doesn't seem to be putting out a signal at all. I got a PC-to-TV converter to take a VGA signal and connect to my TV via S-Video. When I connect my laptop to the converter, I am able to get a picture on my TV. When I connect my HTPC to the converter, the TV doesn't get a signal. I'm wondering if my board isn't good... I also saw that someone had problems with OCZ RAM, which is what I'm running. I...
Thanks for the response Walford... do you have any other ideas for how I can connect the HTPC to my plasma to get something to show up? I tried a DVI adapter, that didn't work. I tried connecting HDMI, but that didn't work -- I suspect that I need to load the HDMI drivers before it will work. Is there some other sort of VGA adapter I should try? My plasma only takes HDMI, component video, coax, RCA video (yellow wire), and S-Video.
I just put together my HTPC using the Antec Fusion box with this board. I am trying to set it up while hooked up to my 50" plasma. I am using a VGA to Component Video cable. I am not able to get anything to show up on my screen. When I power on, the screen stays black. Everything seems to power on, the fans, harddrive, blu-ray drive, etc. I followed instructions on another thread to clear the CMOS, but that hasn't fixed anything. I tried swapping my memory modules...
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