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I'm not going to fall for this again. "Availability of guide data is not controlled by Channel Master and is subject to change without notice."
These aren't fixed pixel, and I thought were something weird like 576p???
If the channels are encrypted, could it be that they are also DRM locked, and the Sony respects that; you can watch, but not make a copy (record it)?
What was state-of-the-art back when the XBR6 was a brand new design, is basically the norm or even low-end today (fluorescent instead of LED backlighting, for just one example). Based on that, I would say under $100 for a 37".
In hindsight, possibly the FCC should have required a program guide together with CableCard support. Such could have been TVGOS, but at least there would have been some "teeth" to ensuring that such continues. I mean, if one reads any kind of comparison between a STB and a CableCard, one of the major negatives for CableCard is the lack of a program guide.
Cable Companies need the TVGOS data from Rovi. I believe SECTV still has their inserters, but its was the TVGOS data to SECTV (and what ever else remained) that Rovi cut off last week.What would it cost Rovi to start/continue supplying the TVGOS data to "just" SECTV? I don't know of any other major cable company that directly supplied/supported TVGOS for its customers. That might just make any such attempt either cost prohibitive to Rovi or cost prohibitive to...
Rovi also increased their charges for their guide data wherever they could. My local cable company had to pass those increased costs along, and customers who use to get the program guide on their STB's for free, now have to pay $2.99/month. However, there was no way for Rovi to charge more for TVGOS, and for a while, it seems like the meager ad revenue there was, dried up.
While I would support any letter writing, I can think of back when Verizon Wireless stopped supporting GM cars with AMP based On*Star. When Verizon made such plans to drop AMP support, they assumed that most people turn-over cell phones often enough, that it would not matter. What Verizon forgot, was the people tend to not junk their cars after just 1 or 2 years of use; even GM cars. However, even with all those GM car owners growling, including in the press, nothing...
Many of the higher-end CECB's made use of the ATSC PSIP to create and display on the screen their own somewhat primitive program guides. Just to mention, PSIP contains program start times and titles along with additional program descriptive data for that station. It was told that the DTVPal CECB's, instead of creating their own program guide like the other CECB's, used the PSIP data to create their own TVGOS formatted data and put such into the VBI of their output. ...
Nope. My only problem seems to be you, and that doesn't seem to be solved.If you bothered to read my post, before making your snide comment, you would have noted that these need an over-the-air ATSC signals, which I don't have available in my area.
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