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Any follow-upon this? I have a 'rattling' drive in my A7-900. Not sure what to do about a replacement either.
I thought I would publicly thank Dave for the excellent service. My A7-900 has been down, and I am SO GLAD that I didn't send the amp to ED. They told me to send the whole stinkin' thing. After a couple of minutes on the phone, I simply removed the amp module itself (not the HUGE power supply or other boards) and sent it priority mail for $5. Turned around in a couple of days, and it works great once again. THANK YOU DAVEDS50!!!
Well, for ONCE my procrastination paid off! I had an RMA for my LT1300 amp (A7-900 sub) but hadn't gotten around to shipping it to eD. So glad that I didn't. When I couldn't pull up their website, I started poking around. I am MOST grateful that Dave is posting here, so I have pm'd him directly to arrange for repair. As far as eD as a company, Chris was VERY involved years ago when I began buying eD gear. I have a lot of their car and home audio subs, and some early...
Time to get this set up and check it out! Keep the info coming, guys. This set just seemed like waaaay too much TV for the money. I am not looking for perfection in a low end set, but the more that we can figure out how to optimize it, the better.
Well, it is back up to 139! Now to keep watching for the drop.
Just bought one of these today, so it is good to have a starting point for setup. This seems like an excellent deal for a good LCD without a lot of extra-cost additions.
I got my UK-BSG and have enjoyed it. It was under 160 but I ALSO got M. Night Shyamalan 3pk on bluray. Must have REALLY had a good exchange rate! This was my 2nd Amazon-UK order; both took about a week to arrive. Yeah, my 'tin' container was slightly dented, but come-on! I bought it to watch the show. We're on the 3rd disc of yr 2...first time viewers (blind purchase) and are enjoying it. VERY good way to go.
We recently watched the first disc, which took a couple of attempts to get it to load and play. The second disc wouldn't play, period. Hadn't had to reflash the player for anything else in a long while; used the latest, still wouldn't play. Finally got fed up, and bought the complete BluRay via Amazon.uk and it looks and plays beautifully. Not sure WHAT the problem is with the HDDVD, but that just stinks. I guess I will see about a swap for the regular dvds to...
Worthwhile as a blind purchase? I loved Firefly...never really watched Buffy. BTW: I took a runner on Battlestar! I had seen the first two hours of the pilot...last night we watched the full pilot (disc 1) and loved it.
Just a quick note re: my experience w/ Amazon UK. I have had two orders from them, the first of which was the Matrix trilogy and the Godfather boxed set; the second was the Complete Battlestar Galactica + a 3-disc collection from M. Night Shyamalan. Both orders arrived in about a week. Slight dents in the Battlestar tin (as others have had) which did not appear related to shipping across the ocean (box was fine, and the packing approach just wouldn't have allowed the...
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