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Couple of the Crusader's skills were buffed yesterday in the patch. Haven't tried them myself tho.Be aware that the Crusader has ALOT of skills depending on cooldowns... so the class might feel slow at time It's still fun to jump into the fight from the Heavens (Falling Sword skill) and then hurls Lighting from the sky and have hammers flying around you
You know that you can add them to your cart (on a PS3 or computer) without downloading them and they will stick in your downlist history. That way, you're not limited by the Vita's memory card space
I would recommend getting the expansion. It's a really good addition for 40$. The adventure mode helps for the "endgame" so far. The Mystic improves your gear, which is now BoA so it helps).I'm also liking the Crusader
Welcome aboard!If you're a member of PS+, you can grab some awesome games in the instant game collection! I don't know which one is still there but Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice and Uncharted are a must
Started levelling my Crusader last night.. level 31 in less than 30 minutes Hellfire ring with 300+ Str/Vit and base dmg made levelling from 1-12 on torment 6 cake. Then I lowered it to T4. At lvl 15 my friend joined me at lvl 19... so the mobs were lvl 19. When I got level 21 I equipped my full Cain's Set (+30% exp with Ruby +35% exp in helm) Level 23 Full Born's set with a socket in the sword with a +190 damage Ruby.... I'm sitting at 6k DPS at level 31 right now...
What a blast i had yesterday! Took 2 hours from work and my friend did the same. We played until I left for hockey (both our GF were gone also!) Almost done with Act 5, both lvl 70. We started a T3 but turned it to T1 at around lvl 65 ... it was... hard! Still going strong at T1, some packs are harder but nothing special I read someone complaining about Act V being short... we played 4-5 hours last night (exploring everywhere and salvaging everything) and we are not...
You're brave.. I wouldn't be able to go back to work after ouch... my stomach hurts... guess I'll have to finish early today 1h15 left.. gonna finish 2hours earlier
The expansion launched today! From the forums, it seems like the launch was smooth! I haven't tried it myself since it launched at midnight here and I was trying to sleep! I did try the Crusader on Europe's server just to decide if I would make a male of a female Leaving work early today to get it going. One of my friend is also finishing early Anyone tried it yet? How do you like it so far? Me and my friend are going to start Act V right away with our main and...
5 days until the Expansion hits! I'm getting pretty excited to try the Crusader myself. I was always a fan of the Paladin so the class is appealing to me! I found 2 pieces of the new Inna's Set for my monk. Slowly building the full set. Wizards are OP as hell right now. My decend geared Wizard (less work into it than my monk for sure) can do T4 way easier than my monk
Farming legendaries is all about clearing as fast as possible.Farming Paragon Levels is different. The difference between Torment's level is noticeable!
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