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It is letter boxed, then letter boxed again. They are literally wasting half the vertical pixels in black bars. The local inserts are only letter boxed once. This is the third year I have complained to them about the Tru TV setup. I only watch it during March Madness, maybe it is always screwed up. They can get TBS and TNT set right, but always have issues with Tru TV.
Analog Tru TV ( Cox channel 57) is double letterboxed again this year for the March Madness coverage. Called Cox, spoke to 4 different reps, told them it did not look that way on Directv, not one had a clue what I was talking about, but all wanted to access my work business account to see what package I had. One did look at his digital receiver in the break room and said it looked ok to him. ( Analog was complaint, digital was checked, mmmmm) Chatted online with another...
Not all HDTV is UHF, Norfolk market has 3 full power VHF stations, and one mid-LPTV station.Not meaning to restart an old discussion, but my app reader just reset to older posts.
Sounds like it could be a tower site issue, all 3 of those are on the same tower and site.
13.3 MeTV went live at Noon on the 23rd.
It is not Charles' fault, sometimes you have to do what the corporation says, and tow the line, no matter how you think it should be. (And now Les is the corporate engineer if I remember right) Those letters are certifications, hard earned, and he has a right to be proud of them. (No, I do not work at WAVY)
Fast motion looks bad in game and commercials, major tiling. The Budweiser spot with history headlines from WWII to now looked really bad.
Stuttering via Cox QAM as well, the regular motion looks better than previous weeks NFL pregame, we'll see how the game goes.
What does it take to get a live local tech to reset all the local analog channels? Almost an hour with all locals frozen.
Maybe the VP's salary caused the increase.
New Posts  All Forums: