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Zaxcom, nice control room. Is that at ESPN?
I get a laugh at the Cox commercials with the ladies reading letters about how bad Verizon customer service was. All I can think is people who live in glass houses....... Unfortunately for the consumer, customer service is a lost art.
Cox HSI "scheduled maintenance" last night. I lost internet...... I did the usual reboot the modem, router, computers, then repeat. Call tech support, automated voice said to do it all again, then after it does not fix it, puts person on who says " Your phone number indicates you are in a scheduled maintenance area. Service will be restored by 6AM." Why couldn't the automated voice said that and saved all that time and anger? Just asking.
My neighborhood has above ground power/telco/cox, they ran fiber on poles to the side of street with poles, ran underground and crossed under street once to feed other side. My yard has a pole and two underground boxes, one to receive fiber from telco shed across street, bury cable around corner and under both driveways to another one to split feed to opposite corner under street, and feed the pole to go down to my neighbors. I would have figured they'd use all overhead or...
FIOS contractors beginning work in my neighborhood, WOOHOO!
I was watching a movie on TNT that had local breaks run over the movie segments, covering major movie elements. There would be the typical 4.5 minute national break, then movie for about 3 minutes, then a local 1.5 to 2 minute local, then back to the movie. I also share the opinion that if the national advertiser knew this went on, they would not pay. The major networks fill local breaks with promotional spots or PSA's for the areas that do not "sell" the time.
If you were watching via QAM on Cox, you should not have any difference as they retransmit stream from their ATSC receiver. Channel 73.1 is QAM channel.
73.1 WVEC 80.1 WTKR 80.2 WHRO 106.1 WAVY 106.2 WVBT Just do a scan and they should be found, along with 10 or so shopping channels.
Scanned after 10AM this morning, showed up as 7.3 through 7.7, and no EPG. Did not have them on this receiver before this scan.
The PSIP was set for the proper RF channel.
New Posts  All Forums: