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You are correct. Cox made an announcement that they would provide analog service til 2012, but that is a customer service not required by law.
Judging by the deer in the headlights looks, I think it was an operator error. They would actually lose money for cutting the network before the contract time.
But do you have a STB or HD-DVR?
Running a crawl with info is all that is required legally. So yes, after June 12 ( if that stays the date ) they could also state that viewers wishing to watch un-ending weather babble may tune to xx.2 to view. If there were driving demand for such content, the marketplace will win out and the cable/satellite providers will have to pass it along as well. They will not as long as the end user does not require them to. Unfortunately the current trend of covering entire...
bob13654, which area are you in? I am in Western Branch area and have noticed both my STB and HD DVR take longer to lock up changing channels and when searching. Also have seen major motion break ups lately since switching to HDMI connection. I think I will go back to component as the audio has to be reset everytime I turn the TV on.
OK, can't track the View one down, but tonight should be normal. Enjoy.
What time did you see it happen in the View? Primetime last night was reported to be a Closed Captioning issue with the HD network feed, the SD feed had to air to get CC. That issue has been resolved.
Was CBS in a crawl? I have noticed no dialog when they do a crawl. Surround channels come through only. It may be fixed now, I haven't seen a crawl since.
In a bird cage?
I thought encrypted OTA signals were prohibited by the FCC.............
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