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JHaz, Bill, Thanks for the replies. I had connected to both terminals because that was the recommendation in the manual when using the line-level inputs. I just finished calibrating the speakers and was happy to see the sub performing as well as it did with the previous receiver (as far as the sound meter and calibration tests are concerned). I'll go into one terminal and observe how that sounds. My assumption is I'm still better off with my PSB active sub than the...
Having a hard time finding impedance information for this sub. But, it may be a 4 ohm sub. So, I may be better off with a series connection?
I just replaced an old Sony 5.1 (with pre-out subwoofer) with an Onkyo HT-290 (with speaker-level mono subwoofer output). My subwoofer is a PSB Stratus Subsonic 7. This active subwoofer has stereo line-level inputs AND stereo speaker-level inputs. I need to connect my mono speaker-level output from the receiver to the stereo speaker-level input of the sub. The PSB manual does not have any diagrams to represent this configuration. Nor does the receiver since it was...
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