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Interested in responses.
So the wife and I have found a house to buy. I'm excited about getting to finally install for my Klipsch QIII's in for the long haul somewhere and she says she doesn't like them. She thinks they are to big and bulky and the fact they are black clashes with the walls. So now I need to find a suitable replacement that has the WAF. I like the Klipsch but this is a good opportunity for my to move to something with a warmer sound, if that makes any sense. She was asking me...
Thank you. That's exactly what I needed.
I was referring to the sticker on the front. It states 120hz. So the set is actually 120hz? Why wouldn't it accept a 120hz signal if it's a 120hz set? How would we test that, plug a computer into it? We're just confused.Thanks!
Nobody knows of a fix? We're kinda disappointed that it's not 120hz since that's what she'd paid for.
Hey, my sister just got a Westinghouse LD-4080 LED-LCD and we are noticing that the box and manual say 120hz but when plugging my PS3 I can only get 60hz. Seems this is a prevalent thing but no one has a solution. Anybody know of a fix or is WH blatantly lying on their products?
Just curious if the lip sync issue was ever resolved? I just bought this for my parents but have been reading that there are lip sync issues. They have a 7 year old receiver that'll do DTS and Dolby Surround. I like 3 hours away and I need something they're not gonna have issues with, since they aren't super technical and I'm their tech support. Just wanted to see if someone can give an updated review. I thought about getting the Panasonic DMP-65 or 85. They have a Vizio...
Use the manufacture's warranty first, if you have to.
How's the performance on that model? I found one on ebay and would just like to know before picking it up. I already have anydvd hd program.
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