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Wow! Not a whole 'lotta love for "America's Team" in THIS thread. (Yeah, Cowboys vs 'Hawks here on Fox 4 KDFW via FiOS.)
She's young; has boobees, is warm, breathing... That pretty much fulfills my requirements.
Awesome find 4fit? from NC. :thumbsup: I remember that scene from The Shooter very well. Had my eyes wide open...
Okay, what's this make...++++Wait, that's not right...Hint: I've had a few of these after my bachelor party trip to the "Gentleman's Club" last week.
The first thing I do when I unpack a piece of equipment is write the serial number down in the owners manual. Simple.
Geez I had to do a Forums search to get this thread back up top! Did nobody get a kick out of House's antics this week then just want to smack him silly for the way he treated HOT new Dr.???
I got one the other day (VHO1). No biggie. I won't be home and don't record anything during that time of day (if that matters).
What in the world?!
Maybe you should just throw yourself off a cliff.
I agree, and Vick had a lot of time to throw too. I don't think the Eagles turned the ball over last night did they? And very few penalties.
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