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Just picked one of these up off of "that auction site". Would the Terk XM6 work with this alright? I was going to place it on our TV tower for decent line of sight. I am reading their are different voltages with the new versus old tuners. The manual does not say anything about it. Thanks.
Well we surrendered our UTV for DirecTV's HR24, see related post "Bowing Out". I still have grandfathered East & West coast feeds and also the locals. I can DVR all three. My 3G cell modem service actually back slide to less than 500kBs, so we switched over to WildBlue's 14Mip, 60Gb per month plan under the rural internet act. It seems to be working for the most part, although I get random DNS lookup errors. We just got the HR24 so I don't know how bad that will tax...
We'll I let DirecTV talk me out of my UTV for a HR24-500 and 3 interconnected HD receivers (not the whole-house Genie, but the standard 2-tuner model like UTV). I've been under pressure to add another DirecTV box for my 11 year old's room for a while now. When I tried to get another card to reactivate my original RCA box that was replaced by the UTV, they wouldn't do it. I've done the card swap trick when a unit started failing, but since I needed an additional card to...
Curious what your experience has been with the Sonance DL-10 after having had it for a year or so? I've seen a few of the DL-10s on eBay and wonder if one would pair up with my inwall Sonance SF400s in my den / listening room? I would probably have to use the powered speaker inputs since I have them currently running off of Zone 2 on an older B&K AVP3090 preamp. On that unit only Zone 1 has RCA sub outs which is powering the living room. Thanks.
You have a PM. I just caught you stated it was a 80Gb. Thanks.
Well, we had the tower guy out. The 3G cell service is still pretty iffy at the moment. The heatwave has reeked haovic on their equipment, but we did get the Yagi installed and I also added a FM turnstyle antenna. First time I had decent FM in nearly two decades! Having heard The Cleaner's experience, TiVo looks more and more like the way to go. Initial read on the THR22 TiVo unit is that it will OTA?
Now that's some funny stuff ... not funny that it died in transit. Still it probably faired better than a past eBay UTV win that the guy mailed in a freaking postal zip baggie. Face plate was all beat to heck. Shows what I get for $10 bucks and free shipping.
Keeping 'er alive, RCA not a Sony guy here else I would have taken you up on it. Good to see it go to a good home.
Still trying to coordinate the tower climbing guy with the cell service guy and the electrican.
Thanks for the input. Next step is to get the TV tower guy back over to aerial mount the cellular modem antenna for a steady 3Mb/s connection. Your apporach sounds like the Ying and Yang of DVR days gone by with a TiVO and UTV sitting side by side.
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