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I just got an email from the rep at the CES and he said it should be a May-June release date.
No problem. I have the same system. I bought one a Meijer's store here in Michigan for $40.00. I did however order a custom stand built this week and it will cost about $200. I has larger shelves to hold a new amp,dvd,sat.box.
Totally broken up picture and audio..unwatchable.
Matt L, You may want to hold off on the HD DTIVO; I am on #5 and it is already broken. They just can't get them right yet. The picture seems darker than my T160 and it can't receive half the OTA signals either.
Scott Is this something that samsung tech support can even address? I would be curious to know the folks with the HLN model, their experiences in addressing this as well I had a HLN437W for 11 months and Samsung just picked it up and gave me a full refund. I bought a HLP4663 and it has the same issues but a little nicer picture. I guess there is no getting around it for now. Just for the record, I am returning it and settling on the HLP5663 this week. I also just...
5674 is available online! I have spoken with several online retailers that claim they have the 74 series sets. All of them are in Brooklyn; none of them will let you pick it up. None will provide a serial number of the set. All of them try to talk you into another brand of DLP. see a pattern here?
Bursma is sell only and usually has good prices.
I have a HLN43W and I spoke with Samsung last week. They said they just came up with an internal part that will fix the problem. There is a waiting list for it and I just asked for a refund. They are sending a truck to pick it up,pack it and hand me a check for exactally what I paid for it 11 months ago. I just faxed them my sales slip and serial number ahead of time; no hassles at all! I will be waiting for the new models in August.
I was just in CC, in Sagnaw Michigan, and their computer shows a memo stating all futures orders of HD TIVO are cancelled! I guess they got a few in and a few returned.
What was the telephone number you called for Samsung on the return policy? Do you have a specific rep that offered these options to you? I have the same issues with a HLN437W but can't them to respond by email. Thanks.
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