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The Sears Store in Bay City Mall just got their display and have brochures on all the channels Voom will offer
I recently purchased a HLN437W and absolutely love it. I got it for $2700 at CC in Saginaw. Seems like we are still a little early for the HD reception on the whole so I guess I will wait till after 11-1-03 and see what D*come up with.
Hello Geno, Were exactly do you live? I haven't purchased any STB yet either and really wanted a HD PVR but that doesn't look to good either at this time. I want the local channels in HD but don't have an antenna yet either. Do you have you HD TV yet?
Matt, thanks for the clarification. I guess I thought you meant that you could only receive CBS on sat. I am waiting for the Superdish and 921 and will probably make the move then. I can get locals on Charter now but you can't use the 921 to record cable unfortunately.
I recently paid $2700 at CC. Where do you live?
Not true. A friend of mine lives in Saginaw and gave them a Detroit area zip code and gets ABC,CBS,GOX,NBC,PBS,UPN,WB,IND..all on the E*system. He pays the fee for locals for the Detroit market.
Has anyone with E* entered a zip code that allows local channels, although you live in an area that doesn't? I know of people that do it and still receive their bill at home and can then receive the HD content from another area of the state. I think this may work until the locals are available in our area.
Sears will price match 110% ,even on an internet site, with written proof that the online retailer is legit.
I spoke to an installer in Michigan and he said that Comcast has approached Charter here and it appears they may buy them out early next year. I certainly hope so.
Please read this morning's email from Charter to me here in Michigan. I asked why Comcast can do it nationally and they can't. "Thank you for contacting Charter Communications. We are hoping to launch the HDTV service some time next year. At this time there are not enough networks that have an HDTV format for us to be able to launch the service." If you have any further questions, please contact us at 1-800-878-2288. Sincerely, Kathryn, Customer Care
New Posts  All Forums: