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This PVR should hit the stores next week! http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/030827/nyw028_1.html
I own a new 437 and absolutely love it. It is connected to Charter digital cable which is not HD. The picture is a great improvement over my last tv that was not a DLP. I bought the 931 DVD player with a Monster 500 DVI connecter and I am VERY satisfied. Just waiting for D*TIVO and I''ll switch to sat. I know the reception on cable greatly varies across the country.
I just purchased a 437 DLP and have Charter digital cable; not Hi Def. feed. The picture was GREATLY impoved on the analog channels as well as the digital over channel 100. I am very happy with the system and I don't think you would be sorry.
Ok Thanks.
Quote: Originally posted by iqwertyi select 1080i output (green light), if you see video, then you've got the latest firmware. Noysboy, Replied, let me know. I do have the green light with video. Thanks.
How do you check to see what firmware my 931 has: I just purchased it? What is the latest update number on the firmware?
Quote: Originally posted by ed.howell Good point. Why doesn't everyone with the problem post their firmware version. Mine is 211. Maybe we will find out that there is no problems with the new firmware version 214? I have a new 437 with 214 firmware and it does it only on a few standard cable programs.
I picked up my set last Friday at Circuit City; and talked them down to $2700! I love the set but I noticed last night, while watching cable SD tv, that the timing was off on the speech. I hope somebody replies after getting service on their set. I still have three weeks to return it.
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