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I'd go with the FV15HP or dual PB-2000s or PSA XV15s or Outlaw LFM-1 EXs.
If you can stretch your budget to $600, +1 on the LV12R.
Thank you for the reply and the explanation. Much appreciated.
Kenwood KFC-W112S - Maximum Input Power: 400W - Rated Input Power: 200W - Subwoofer Impedance: 4Ω Dayton Audio SA230 ($179, shipped, at parts-express.com) puts out 233W into 4 ohms. Should be a good match.
Curious: All other things (driver displacement and efficiency, size of enclosure, etc.) being equal, having twice the power would provide no advantage?
Audyssey will do what it can, and it usually does it quite well. But sometimes FR curves need a bit of tweaking for optimal results. REW + UMIK-1 (or the "all in one" Dayton OmniMic v2) will let you see your system's FR curve in real time and, if you have PEQ (parametric equalization) available to you (those SVS subs have that, IIRC), you can then tweak the settings to obtain the best overall FR curve.
That graph makes it look like the SUB-1200 is +/-3dB from ~19-95Hz! That can't be right...can it?
Me too!
Yamaha YST-SW216 (PDF) - 10" driver - 50W continuous (100 Hz, 5 Ω 10 %T.H.D) - 25-180 +?/-10dB Dayton SUB-1200 - 12" driver - 120W RMS - 25-140Hz +/-?dB The Dayton has over twice the power of the Yamaha. It will have greater overall output than the Yamaha and likely also noticeably better extension. And it is very well rated (for a sub in its price range). Pioneer S-RS3SW (PDF) - 12" driver - 200W RMS - 27-1000Hz +/-?dB The Pioneer has less than twice the power of...
What's the model # of that Pioneer sub? Those specs don't look right. IMO - given that you're unlikely to get anything half-decent for $40 - keep your Yamaha sub until, at a minimum, you can afford a Dayton Audio SUB-1200. It sells for $109 + $14.95 shipping (although it was on sale not too long ago for $109, shipped).
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