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+1 to ported. Although it's quite possible that a pair of dual-opposing 15" Reaction sealed subs might do the trick in your space, too.
In that case, dual PB-1000s. I would like to recommend the Reaction Audio stuff, but I haven't read enough reviews and/or user comments about it to be comfortable with doing that just yet.
DCM KX Sub 2- 2 x 12" drivers- 150W max output- 20-130Hz +/-?dBAudiosource sw15 (PDF)- 15" driver- 200 "mystery" watts- 20-250Hz +/-?dB2,500 cu.ft.I'd replace both subs with a pair of new subs. If your budget does't allow for two new ones right away, buy one and add another one later on. BTW, what is your budget?IMO, some good options for your space would be dual:- SVS PB-1000 or PB-2000- PSA XV15- Rythmik LV12R- Outlaw LFM-1 Plus or EX
According to this page on their website, SBA carries both the PB-1000 and the PB-2000.
IMO: Get the PB-2000 now, and if you find it's not enough for the HT space in your new home, add a second one.
Not entirely sure that the differences between the two option are, but connecting your sub essentially boils down to this: - cable from AVR subwoofer output to LFE input on sub; - on the sub, set the volume at "noon" (mid-point) to start and the phase to 0°; and - on the AVR, set the LPF of LFE to 120Hz (if the receiver allows you to modify that setting) and set the crossover to 80Hz for your speakers. My quick 'n' dirty guide to Audyssey: - Run the first cycle of...
The specs in the manual look decent: - 12" driver - 300W (continuous) amp - 26-150Hz +/-3dB If it's in 100% working order, $80 seems like a pretty good price for it. Did you get to demo it? Did you buy it?
Use the connection option best suited to your AVR. In your case, that would be option #1.For all intents and purposes, no.
I highly recommend reading the owner's manual (PDF), especially page 8, connection method #1.
Huh. That's an interesting way of looking at it. I usually consider the side with the connections on it to be the rear. Which makes the RA subs (and similarly-configured ones from Seaton and Epik) "dual side-firing" subs.
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