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How much does it weigh? It's possible that a couple or four sturdy brackets, mounted into wall studs, would do the trick.
Mum's the word. But he may not be listening anyway: He seems to have found a new home over at HTS.
A few months ago, Craig Chase teamed up with Jon Lane of the Audio Insider and they formed Chane Music and Cinema
I'm not arguing anything. And I don't care that there's no beat down. It's just factual information: The 3600 (a re-badged Suntron amp) at 600W/ch. into 8 ohms is more powerful than the amp on the XV15. That's it, that's all.
In his next post, he stated:That's the upgrade to the 3600.Pointing out the correct amp is not nit-picking. Don't go all beeman on me!
The Dayton puts out 475W x 2 into 8 ohms, but I think he was referring to the Chane 3600 (formerly the MQ-600), which puts out 600W x 2 into 8 ohms.
I'd go with dual VTF-15Hs. They're powerful, well-rated and tune-able.
See my reply here.
The specs say the -3dB point is 110Hz, but since a crossover is not a fixed point, but a slope, you might be better off setting the crossover to 120Hz or 130Hz.I'd do the Nanosats at 120Hz or 130Hz, and the L-C-R Pioneers at 80Hz.If I understand this correctly, you don't have a Pioneer CC speaker, and you're planning to use a Nanosat for CC duty? If that's the case, IMO, don't. You could do it, and any audio below the CC crossover of 120Hz would simply go to the sub, but...
The power handling rating for those bass-shakers is 50W RMS / 100W peak. Whether the rating on the Pyle amp is peak or RMS, it looks like it should have enough power.
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