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IMO, and in descending order: - dual Rythmik FV15HP - dual HSU VTF-15H - dual PSA XV15
IMO, it's about as good as any inexpensive, on-desk subwoofer can be expected to be.If you could fit one next to or under your desk, I'd recommend the well-rated SUB-1200 (currently on sale for $124, shipped).
IMO:- two pairs of Pioneer SP-BS22-LR bookshelf speakers ($130/pr. at BB.com);- a matching SP-C22 center-channel speaker ($100 at BB.com); and- an SVS PB-1000 sub ($499, shipped, from SVSound).If you can't swing everything at once, start with just a pair of bookshelf speakers and a sub. Then add the CC speaker, then add another pair of bookshelf speakers for surrounds.
There is, and +1 to flickhtguru's recommendation of a PB-1000.A better sub won't change the crossover point. You'll need speakers that extend lower.That said, a better sub will offer better output below the crossover point and MUCH more extension than a 6" (not very sub-)woofer could ever hope to deliver.
I've had my 100" 1.78:1 fixed-frame Grandview screen for about 5-1/2 years. Great screen.
YMMV. Both my subs are on the front wall and, with them there, I measure the smoothest response and the best extension at the MLP.
Three FV15HPs in one room opens my eyes! Nice room, too. Please add a pic of the seating area.
Calibration tries to ensure that all your components play at the correct relative levels and as "flat" as possible in order to reproduce content as faithfully as possible.But if someone likes more bass, they can run their subs "hot". If someone wants less bass to avoid bothering the neighbours, they can run their subs "cold" (or they can turn down the volume on the entire system, but that might make dialogue more difficult to hear).Calibrating to reference is great, but...
If your system is calibrated, the level of the recording determines whether you raise and lower the volume level of the entire system. It doesn't determine the calibration levels of the sub(s) or speakers.
I almost did but, due to a back-order at the time, I went with dual ChaseHT (now Chane Music and Cinema) 18" passive subs, each powered by a ~500W amp.Can't do anything about the built-in EQ, but you can add a miniDSP for ~$100 + shipping that will give you plenty of flexibility as far as equalization goes.Regardless of which way you go, you'll have a solid pair of subs.
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