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S60, S64, F500, or F5500.
Yes the sync will be off, you will need to offset the sync by about 70 to 75 ms, whichever looks most natural.
Need a 3D calibration then, it sounds like the gamma is off if you can't see the shadow detail. 3D mode will have a totally different set of settings.
3D gaming is pretty cool! But you do get a little bit more lag, about 1 frame from scaling a 720p image, for a total of 6 frames of lag, 7 if you use motion smoothing. 3D mode might even have an additional frame, but I'm not sure because I never tested it. If you're looking for a gaming capable 3D TV, then you'll have to settle for a F5500 as there is no other option really. VT60 will still have high display lag, at 47 ms it's just finishing the 3rd frame of lag and just...
CRT's were so good. I really wish TV's could go back to being so basic and responsive and FAST like the CRT days. I don't miss the geometry issues, though. Oh, btw, the U54 was reported 23 ms on DisplayLag, so that means it was Bodnar tested. It was recently added, too. I would trust them over anyone who simply claims it feels sluggish with no testing or data. My friend has a LCD that I don't notice motion blur on, several actually and we've played fast fighting games on...
The pro division is an entirely different company from the consumer division within Panasonic. They may indeed have different panels. Spec wise though, the pro panels are on par with a S60 as far as picture quality goes, same levels of gradation. You get slightly more color control options. The more expensive models may have a AR filter. Of course, the 3D IR receivers costs about $500, so by default, they're really expensive S60's. Oh yes, and NO SMART FEATURES. They're...
How were you changing the timings? I only saw Low and High in service menu. Was it editing the EDID clock itself?
The U50 was waaaay lower than that. 23 ms.
Geez, good deal.
It works! I have no mute button on my Uni remote that came with my Denon, but I can hit the mute on my Sammy touch remote and hit 737 on the keypad on my Denon remote. Up popped the service menu. Thank you so much, I was just about to ask if anyone knew of a way to get into service menu yet on this TV with the default remote, lol.OK, nevermind, that isn't service menu. Anyone know of a way to get into service menu?
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