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I just bought a Terk HDTVa antenna (indoor amplified one). We live in a split level with the tv and antenna in the bottom level. I get most channels, however in order to get one specific one (FOX), I have to elevate the antenna about 4 ft off the ground. Not a big deal, but it looks cheesy. Anyway, rather than buy a new outdoor antenna, I am thinking of running cable to the garage and mounting the Terk HDTVa antenna in there. My question is really... The antenna is...
Yes, definately the brighter the screen/LED, the louder the noise. I assume I have to put in a ticket with Samsung?
Just got my HLT-5687S Friday and the picture is great. I love the tv... except.... I keep hearing a buzzing sound. I didnt notice it at first, but now that I have, I cant stop hearing it. It seems to only make the noise when using certain inputs. Like the RF Air input for certain. Is it common or should I call the tech hotline?
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