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Is this true?? So any1 that bought 1 of their TV's recently can never get better/upgraded samsung brand glasses? Thats BS!! If true
is this deal dead? I couldn't get the 2 for $22 on their site
That would be nice! But it won't happen
Sweet I still have 1 free rental for registering on my TV, will def ck out a 3D & see how they do with them.
I got mine through Amazon & already redemed the Shrek 4 voucher so I probably cant do a simple exchange, plus I can't just look at the serial on box to ensure I get the GZB
I am curious to see if we will get day1 general release of the big blockbuster films coming out in 3d over the next year...Thor, Transformers 3, Green Lantern, Potc 4, Harry Potter 7.2, Cars 2 etc.
Oh sweet!! Glad to know we're not getting forgotten, now do they perform better & whats the cost are the bigger questions
Doubt we'll get better glasses, Seems Samsung is now going the RealD route, pity for us that spent $140-$180 on thier glasses I guess
I Work at a theater & literally every child/family film coming out between now & July thats on our list is in 3D aside from the wimpy kid part 2
That what I would naturaly assume considering its a dreamworks release, but I'd imagine they would have announced that with this announcement, that & they said no plans currently for a 3D release but that could change quickly, I remember Saw initially said no 3DBD for its release but that has obviously been changed
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