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Higher refresh rate is mostly just for PC monitors. And with almost all PC monitors now are LCDs, there is very little advantage for even the PC monitor to support higher refresh rate because LCDs just can't react that fast. If you truly want high refresh rate, get one of those old CRT monitors.
OP, you need to configure your playback software to bitstream audio. Instructions vary from software to software. By default, PCs always output PCM because it can only natively produce PCM. Most playback software also defaults to decoding/PCM because that's how you get to listen to audio from PC speakers.
The new industry standard HDBase-T only requires one cable. The old non-standard adapters typically require two and usually don't work that well.That's what everyone here is suggesting. I personally will just put extenders on each TV. HDMI over cat5/6 is expensive and doesn't really give you the flexibility of showing different contents on different TVs.
You can always use a switch to support multiple devices on one wire. There is no reason to put two cat5/6 cables unless you don't want to use switches.
Not if you have a really crappy router that is slow to do its routing and packet filtering.
You can setup the player to output source format signals directly (that's what I did on my 5100) so that there is really no need for two HDMI ports.
Verizon FiOS did a big dig in my neighborhood a few years back. That must cost them a lot of money as Verizon now no longer does this kind of project, e.g. no longer expand FiOS to new areas. It doesn't mean FiOS has covered all US. Far from it. It's too expensive for Verizon to continue such expansion. The last drop to home is actually not done in my area. When you order the service, Verizon will then finish the final drop from street box to your house.
Because DVD format natively only support 480i. There is no 24p support. A 24p film must use 3:2 telecine to fit into the DVD stream. There are couple of different ways to do it but many DVDs are known to do it incorrectly. The result is that the less intelligent de-interlacer can trip over and produce significant artifacts. By less intelligent, I mean 99% of the DVD de-interlacer out there because the good ones are really $$ expensive.BD supports 24p natively. So there is...
IMO, the main differences between US and Europe is the cost to lay fiber. For the same length of fiber run, you may serve 10,000 in Europe but 10 to 100 in US Fiber can be found in many highly concentrated urban area (where Verizon FiOS is deployed and supposedly compete with cable guys).
If you have a bad HDMI cable, you will get snowy picture (white pixels all over the screen), blank or no picture. It will not make subtle PQ changes, As for streaming PQ, this player is very sensitive to internet connection quality. Any variation in connection speed will cause streaming app to jump to lower bandwidth stream. Even though you may have 25mbps speed connection sold by your ISP, the actual speed is never guarantee, especially when you goes out to the internet....
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