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Typical HDBase-T adapters come with a 100mbps network port, HDMI port and IR port.
You mis-understood. He is talking about cores, not physical CPUs. Most CPUs today are dual to quad cores in one physical CPU chip. And as I mentioned above, the CPU power doesn't matters if you use QuickSync. Even a top of line processor without using QuickSync is about at least 5 times slower than QuickSync with a low end core i3.
Nothing beats Intel QuickSync encoding speeds. You don't need hour, but rather minutes to finish a typical movie encoding. You will need the following: 1. The nightly build of Handbrake. QuickSync is not in official release yet. 2. Any Intel Processor that supports QuickSync. No external GPU needed or used. You don't have to use top of line intel processors. The encoding speed seems to be similar from core i3 to core i7.
What you need is a pair of HDBase-T adapters which can be found on Amazon.com and other places. They are not cheap.
You might want to google what billion and trillion mean in different parts of the world. There are long and short scales, FYI.
I believe just about any other brands do full decoding. But I haven't investigated those other brands recently.
It does output LPCM 7.1 if the audio track is DTS-HD MA. Just not Dolby Digital or Dolby TrueHD. Looks like you get screwed by Sony twice: one for a player that can't fully decode Dolby tracks, one for an AVR that can't decode any modern HD audios (who buys that kind of AVR these days?). You should return the player and buy a player from other brands or if you want to stay with Sony brand, buy older models (2012 or older).
It's done so to save licensing cost. So it is not going to be enabled ever. 2013 Sony model is the first to do so. 2014 is the same.
This player will only output 2.0 PCM for any Dolby audio if you configured to output PCM. This has been discussed before many times in this thread.
No clue what is Sony Muteki. Most Home Theater in a box system, if that is what I thought was, won't take external HD audio streams via HDMI, only through internal BD player. You better ask the question to your muteki buddies. The player simply outputs that HDMI device at the other end told it can support.
New Posts  All Forums: