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Nothing too confusing. DTS-HD audio track requires the lossy 5.1 core + extra to get the entire lossless stream. However, there is no way for a container like mkv to contain a separate lossy DTS 5.1 track that points to the internal data of another audio track, the lossless. So, what MakeMKV does is make a copy of the core and name it DTS 5.1.You can do it either way. The pro for getting separate DTS 5.1 track is the compatibility with different playback systems. Some may...
The only 7.1 audio source are from some BD discs, either Dolby TrueHD 7.1 or DTS-HD MA 7.1. Both are lossless and typically requires you to bitstream from PC to an AVR because fully decoding them to 7.1 on a PC requires commercial software that may cost more than a typical BD player. Most free software only decodes the lossy 5.1 core.
DLNA server is on your PC side, not the player. Either install the Sony Serviio server or if you have a Windows PC, install a codec pack like Shark 007 in order for mkv files show up for streaming.
If I hit sleep button on my keyboard while it is recording, my PC won't going to sleep at all but only turn off the screen. There is, however, a behavior change in Win7 after SP1. Before that, the PC won't going to sleep when I have extenders connected as well by turning on away mode. But after SP1, it will force the PC to sleep as long as there is no recording.
Not Windows Update, just Media Center update which is a scheduled task runs automatically every day or so. You can also manually force it to download from within WMC.
Any modern motherboard with HDMI supports 7.1 PCM audio via HDMI. Finding a 7.1 audio source is a different story. As mentioned, your thread title is misleading. There is no such thing as DDL 7.0. DDL is a DD encoder (limited to 5.1) which is no longer needed with HDMI.
Not the same thing. This is a Microsoft guide service problem that affects everyone which occured couple times a year in the past. The typical symptom is you are missing guide data at certain exact time for everyone regardless how you update it.In the past, Microsoft was able to fix the problem before the guide ran out. Let's hope this time will be the same.
You called it. It is a marketing BS to force you buy everything from Sony to get something that's not really an issue in real world or needs any enhancements in the first place.
Yes, only the a few Sony BDs that are mastered in 4K contain triluminos enhancements.
K model is unlocked for easy overclocking. Since this is an HTPC, stability and noise is the priority over overclocking. I'd pick non-K model to save a few bucks. Also, for AMD, don't forget you often need an aftermarket CPU cooler because it runs hotter and OEM cooler maynot be enough. Add that into the cost, you will see AMD is no longer that cost effective. And I agree with moving up to core-i5 if transcoding is important to you.
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