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Graphics aside, Intel CPUs are generally faster and runs cooler than AMD's counter parts. For the purpose of OP's requirement, GPU is not that an important factor. AMD APU has an edge for light gaming but it's not to say intel's iGPU is that much worse. Both are far behind dedicated GPU card.
Yes, you can hide or remove the media servers in the network settings IIRC.
From WiKi, I saw BD-ROM 50GB is actually 47,732MB. From the memory/IIRC, commercially pressed BD ROM can contain data in an area that is not supported by BD-R or BD-RE for obvious reasons. Like others have mentioned, you are just wasting money and time on this, IMO. It's probably cheaper to just buy another copy of the disc. Or store the rip on NAS.
Deja Vu, LOL. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1476817/why-does-blurays-have-multiple-playlists-of-the-same-file-how-to-tell-which-one-is-the-valid-one
The Netflix interface is a common UI from Netflix, not unique to Sony. Anyway, to choose a different episode, simply select 'more episodes' menu item instead of the default 'Resume Sx:Ey'.
No. these players support NFTS.
Yes, BD rip with HD audio, subtitles and chapters.
Almost any Intel Core-i3/5/7 you can buy today that comes with IGPU (some high end one may not come with IGPU) can do QSV. My Core-i3 is a 3rd Gen entry level chip only.
See post#2.
I use CQ20 for regular conversion. With my Core-i3, It typically takes 10 minutes total and produce average 8 to 10 GB of files with HD audio. Use High Profile to further shrink down the file size if your players can handle it. I use CQ22 or higher for conversion to be used on phones or tablets for smaller file size. The final output file size has a lot to do with the content of the film. For films with a lot of actions and explosions, you will get larger file size as it...
New Posts  All Forums: