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Go to network settings and select custom IP address. There you manually put in all the information (static IP address, gateway and DNS). Or if you have a capable router, simply setup the router to use custom DNS.
After they cleared out all the 2012 SC-1522s (almost done via Costco) and SC-65s (Best Buy and Amazon are dumping them as well).My point is why wait for SC-72 where you may still be able to find a SC-1522 for much less and more features (9.2 amp but no 4K upscaling, only pass through).
http://www.costco.com/returns-replacements-refunds.htmlAnd note this:That matches exactly with the signs in my local Costco stores. The two-year warranty applies to those 90-day return policy items only. You can return other electronics anytime you wish as long as you have the receipt.Whatever you two said are your mis-understanding and didn't match my personal experience.
Sub PLUS means the receiver will still re-direct some but not all LFEs from channels setup large to subwoofer when your speaker is set to large. This generally gives you more bass especially when you playing 2-ch stereo sources where LFE channel does not exist. Other brands have similar thing but with different naming. Without PLUS setting, no LFE will be re-directed from channels that set as large speakers. So, a lot times, you will feel the bass is not enough when...
You can set your fronts as large and rest as small. Also set sub to PLUS. And you will be fine. Your front towers are large enough (dual 6.5") to leave it at large. But you can experiement it as small to see which way you like. Just remember if you change speaker settings, you need to manually re-run MCACC that leaves your speaker settings in tact. MCACC thread should have instructions to do that.
Unfortunately, you are mistaken like many others. It is not all electronics. Only select categories (TV, laptop, camera etc.) have 90-day return policy and receivers are not in it. Read the return policy yourself. I have returned a Xbox 360 broken after 3 years, an external HDD broken after 7 months, a BD player that doesn't work right after 7 months.
SC-72 will be entry level Elite model (like 2012 SC-62/63). Mid level will be SC-75 I guess and high end will be SC-77/78 for 2013. SC-1522 is identical to SC-65.
But Amazon price is not the same as Costco price. And the warranty is different as well (life time return on Costco).It does not look like anything new, other than the 4k upscaling, compared to SC-1522/SC-65. It might be a step up from SC-62.
Assume you had the new version of Monoprice switch with the dip switches on the back (the old version lacks this and hence will not be able to output any 5.1 audio if you connected to a TV due to HDMI EDID issue), you will have to setup the dip switch to force DD 5.1 or DTS 5.1 output on the switch. A lot of times, you may also need to power cycle the switch to make it work. When it is working correctly, your TV will not receive any audio because most TVs are incapable of...
It is rather complicated matter. You can't make all sound from PC as 5.1 when it is only connected via a optical or coax connection because they can only carry 2.0 PCM or 5.1 DD or DTS bitstream. So the only time you will hear 5.1 is from movie/video discs and you will have to setup the player software to bitstream. You will not hear 5.1 for any other sources because your PC is not capable of produce 5.1 DD or DTS on the fly unless you purchased special hardware to do...
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