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plasmas are outdated an dumb id ask for LEDs and an axbox for each tv but it is a mistake getin astin he is to dumb they need some 1 that will be funny to laugh at like charlie
i keep hoping this film has alot of penetration scenes my fav star was seka and shanna grant and honey wilder
if u do drop out send me ur 8600's ok on the twc website that have a thing to order self install kits http://www.timewarnercable.com/texas...t/selfinstall/ it even says they will ship out the instal kits by next day service but its all a lie i waited 3 weeks and nothin even after geting a email saying it had been shipped out
today i relized its been 3 weeks since i ordered the self install kit of that 8640HDC i did get an email 2 weeks ago sayin it been sent but i guess twc was messin with me so today i got online an ordered 3 more self install kist an im hoping they ship out atleast 1
who can i call at twc and convince to send me a 8600 series HD DVR i tried using there online order a self install kit that was 3 weeks ago i gues they forgot or just dont care
i was just watching tv and an ad came on for twc Signature Home Service it said to call an get it but when i go to the twc website and put in my zipcode it says This product is not available in your area so who should i believe ?
i did sorta order replaacemnt cables from monoprice after the 1 that bent an broke also i checked that website that tested the cable an all the cables they reccomend cost way to much some even more then 100 bux i was shocked so im just gonna keep buying from monoprice
i have a wierd feelin the cable that failed was a monoprice cable cuz i orderd some hdmi cables from them when they still had hdmi 1.3 cables an the cables i got didnt last long an if you bent them bam the cable was no good anymore it lost sgnal an wierd stuff happend on screen had to buy new cables
im disapointed in twc and there cable boxes but ok now heres some symptoms the box has explorer 8240HDC 1.takes it several minutes for pic to come on after turning it on when it does come one you hve to change channels or wait more minutes for the image to come on 2. change the channel you get a black screen on some channels 3.audio cuts out on hd channels we already tried other HDMI cables same thing happens is it broke ?
if i were to put a splitter on the cable that comes into my room send 1 to my hd dvr the other to the other room would it be ilegal aka stealing cable would it degrade the pic on the hd dvr ?
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